Services – made to measure for you

We personalize a dedicated service for each customer, based on the needs to guarantee a commercial and technical support as well as product development.

We are constantly in contact with all our clients through visits and meetings in their headquarters or in our office, presenting the latest collection of our suppliers.

We are constantly updated on the trends and news of the moment, thanks to external expertise of the fashion, photography and more, to be able to offer continuous proposals for all our clients.

We are able to offer the best service for all our client’s needs thanks to the direct relationship with our suppliers and the 20 years experience.

How does it work?

Our commitment is your growth.

We will help you to create, develop and produced the garments that you are looking for to renew your shops, necessary for the development of your business.

LOGTEAM – simplified logisitc

LogTeam offers an internal quality control and logistic for the shipment of your pro-ductions.


The needs will be analized so that we can give a commercial and tecnical support for the product development you need.


We will take your garments from the development to  the final delivery.


We are constantly in contact with our clients through visits and meeting in their headquarters or directly in our office, presenting the latest collections of our suppliers.


Thanks to our B2B AREA you can be updated on the latest proposals for our suppliers.


We are aleays updated on trends and news oft he moment thanks tot he collaboration with external fashion and photography experts, to be able to offer continuosly proposals and creative ideas to all of you.

The B2B area is made for this!

Don’t miss out the latest trend and news of the moment we propose. Check into the B2B area or follow us on the social networks to be always updated!

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